By Ayelet Wenger

Why did you kill him?

I didn’t.

Why did you kill him?

He was hitting my brother.

He looked like you, didn’t he?

It wasn’t like that.

You don’t like that.

That’s not what I said.

You have the same cut. 

Stop it.

Your mother did it.

This is not about my penis and it is not about my parents.

You don’t know?

I am a man.

He was your father.

Let my parents go.

Now you know.

I am an Israelite.

It is interesting that you think so. It is not true, but it is interesting. 

It’s my story.

You don’t understand it.

I wrote it.

That is interesting.

The distortion of a text is not unlike a murder.

I said that.

I am a man.

A hero is a man who stands up manfully against his father.

Who made you a judge over me?

How does it feel?

To deny a people is not a deed to be undertaken light-heartedly. 

Especially by one belonging to that people.

So they snipped you, too.

This is not about me.

You need me to be an Egyptian so that you will not be a Jew.

This is not about me.

I am not your father figure.

Would you like a cough drop?

Are you going to kill me? 

Like you killed the Egyptian.

Ayelet studies late antique Hebrew and Aramaic texts at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She received her B.A. in Classics at Princeton and the M.Phil. in Judaism and Christianity in the Graeco-Roman World at Oxford.


Frontal Covering of a Mummy 

4936, Freud Museum London